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About Furniture Factory

Furniture Factory is an upcoming business situated in Romania where metal and wood are fused together using local experienced old-fashioned handcraftmanship with the help of modern state-of-the-art wood working and heavy metal machines. Our setup allows us to keep vital traditional processes, such as the natural drying of the woods, but also allows for precise and remarkable details to be brought into the architecture of the designs.

We spend months understanding the very basics of the furniture industry and the home décor space, from the raw materials stage through the entire manufacturing process to packaging and shipping the products across Europe right to your door step.

Our personalized services allow for individualized touches such as logos and designs to be executed in the metal, giving every piece of furniture an innovating and unique design to fit your personality, your home or your business. From traditional French dining chairs and classic English bookcases, to contemporary industrial desks and storage. We work with only the best materials, offering beautifully dried hardwoods such as Oak or Acacia, where the customer can choose to retain the distinctive pattern of interlacing ridges and furrows as a luxury table top or have a more modern smoothened exterior better suited as a writing desk. The resulting pieces are beautiful and will remain useful for many years to come.

From the manufacturing stage to the finish the customer can have a say. Naturally, we also offer previously executed elegant designs ready to begin the manufacturing process immediately.


Our Team

Furniture Factory holds office in Brasov, Romania and works with a team of 4 people.

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Onno Stoetman

Owner & Manager

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Alex Pacurariu

Management Assistent

Besides the management team we have 2 further employees in administration and CAD/CAM.

From our office we organize both “Serie-Production” and “Product Development” originating from our own designs as well as those of our customers. These blueprints can be anywhere from a physical sample, a simple sketch to a detailed technical drawing supplied to us by you or your business. After the necessary tests and selection of the materials the proto-type can be produced and further details of the model are brought to you in the form of a digital production file. Following completion of this stage the item can go into production. By clicking on the different locations of development below you can read about the specifics of production and individual speciliaties of the factories.

Please feel free to contact us using one of the methods listed below, we hope to be of service!

Furniture Factory Romania SRL

Main Office

Str. Egretei 18
500461 Brasov,

Tel: +40 749 695 907


Also available through WhatsApp & Telegram

Tel: +31 631 673 315

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